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    Welcome to FAQ sections of RALN. The FAQ page are open for all the users with the hope that the answer for most questions can be found on this page.

    If you cannot find the answer to your question or you have further inquiries, please contact us through learn@ra.org.

    Please note: This page is still under construction. Questions and answers will be added regularly and all content will be translated.

    • What is the RALN?

      The Rainforest Alliance Learning Network (RALN) is a Learning Management System (LMS) based on the widely-used Moodle platform. Rainforest Alliance uses the RALN to to facilitate learning on the Sustainable Agrticulture Standard and many other themes across a wide range of target groups. Through the RALN, participants of face-to-face and online trainings, as well as E-courses, can enroll on different course pages, track their learning progress, test their compentencies and sumbit feedback to us, which allows for the continuous improvement of the system.

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